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  • Bhantana Kishor

    May 23, 2016 at 11:11 am

    Hi, Kiran

    3D Animation Studies is a really interesting topic of learning however rather than any formal training it needs a keen interest in learning and making 3D animations and graphics. After all 3D animations is all about creating life in the mute characters which are made movable using the technology and skills of the Animators.

    3D Animations is a very young subject of concern in multi-media industry in Nepal however they are very promising. Animations and graphics designing being at its initial stage has not been able to get the full potential of itself in Nepal. However there are times when elders also enjoy the potential of the animations rather than just kids after their schools. They are widely used in the fields of Education Sector, making medical science projects, making engineering projects, in advertising, in making business projects, in manufacturing industries, etc.

    There are animated movies which are among the worlds most expensive ones. All these are possible due to the great animators who have put forward their skill, time and energy into making it.

    There are no academic qualifications in Nepal regarding this as an educational degree however its not even an important one because there are so many tutorials available online on the internet that they can learn by following their instructions. But above all its essential to have a keenly interested mind in the process of 3D Animations and graphics designing.

    There are some institutions in Nepal which have the provisions for learning of the animations. They are:
    1. Maya Animation Academy
    2. Incessant Rain Animation Studio Pvt. Ltd.
    3. Eclipse Animation Academy
    4. Black Box animation and VFX Academy.

    The basic requirement for the institution enrollment is considered to be +2 or equivalent.

    As per the possibilities Nepal holds a great potential because firstly there are just a handful of good animators in Nepal. And the foreign companies charge very much for the projects in Nepal in the field of Animation. So if Nepali animators could be available in the market it would be really good for everyone. The main job prospects of the Animators in Nepal are in Television Commercials, Music videos and Movies. However due to the lack of skilled human resources in this sector plenty of new and fresh talents are always welcomed.

    Good luck for your future…. 🙂 🙂 🙂