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  • Eshmita Chhetri

    May 11, 2016 at 8:04 am

    Choosing the faculty to be studied after SLC in plus two always creates dilemma in students. So firstly we need to know what are our keen interests and plus points as well. for example: someone might be good at mathematics and this opens up scopes in studying science or commerce depending upon your capacity and interest. These both subjects require good skills at Mathematics. But both the studies science and mathematics don’t consist of mathematics as sole priority. There are provisions for studying biology in science that in the recent days don’t require the mathematics as compulsory subject to be studied. So regarding the rest of the maths required you can call it to be your labor in studying . Likewise moderate knowledge in mathematics would be enough if you want to read subjects like Hotel Management in Commerce which has got a very good scope these days. As well as a simple study of just words in the stream of humanities can also pave way for studying a variety of subjects that require the plus two pass in any discipline in studying bachelors programme like Bachelors of Arts Bachelor of Law (BALLB) which is a very good study option these days and many others alike. And if you don’t think studying plus two would go good for you there are several study options like HA, Lab technicians, etc which have got very god scopes these days.

    And in the end I would like to go for just a saying, follow what your instincts say and listen from many but make decisions of your own and still in any case you need help students Nepal is here to help you   