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  • Prakash Poudel

    April 14, 2016 at 2:23 am

    Foreign affiliated colleges are also good but I don’t think top and reputed universities will give affiliation to colleges of Nepal. Better apply for abroad to study MBA than studying foreign affiliated MBA in Nepal. You can get a decent MBA degree in Australia, USA, UK if you intend to study well and not to earn money for now. Working few hours a day will make you able to pay college fees. So I prefer TU,KU over foreign affiliated universities. And I prefer studying abroad over TU,KU. There are lots of MBA colleges in Kathmandu with so much unhealthy competition/promotion. Choosing a good college is always challenging when it is not of Tribhuwan University. But again, except few good colleges I think all other colleges and affiliations are similar. Oops I forgot to say that foreign affiliated MBA are better than the average PU affiliated MBA colleges in Nepal.