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  • Radhika Hamal

    October 29, 2015 at 1:58 pm

    MPA in Nepal:
    Master of Public Administration (MPA) program of Tribhuvan University is a common purpose program in yearly system, designed to produce high-level human resources for professional careers to serve in the public affairs management of the government, non-government, public enterprises and private sectors.After successful completion of the program, a student should be able to function as an administrator/manager in government, non-government, public enterprises and private sectors. The program especially aims to:

    Equip the students with required knowledge of administrative science and management
    Prepare high-level manpower in the area of public administration, development administration, policy formulation and analysis, international administration, personnel administration and contemporary issues in public affairs management
    Enhance research capabilities of students
    Graduation Requirements

    Successful completion of 1000 marks as prescribed with passing grades in all the courses
    The passing scores obtained separately in all the required courses and/or thesis
    Completion of courses for the fulfillment of the MPA program must occur within the time limit as prescribed by Tribhuvan University
    Minimum General Requirements

    The minimum general requirements for the MPA programme are as follows:

    An academic year will consist of a minimum of 150 teaching days excluding the days taken for admission and annual examinations.

    The total instructional periods in an academic year for the programme will be 150 days x 5 periods = 750 periods.

    A paper of 100 marks will have 150 lectures and a paper of 50 marks will have 75 lectures. Each lecture will be of 1-hour duration.