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  • Radhika Hamal

    October 29, 2015 at 1:53 pm

    Here are a few general characteristics worth noting about Masters in Public Administration (MPA) course:

    -It’s a professional degree, rather than an academic one. Like most professional degrees, it can lead to a wide variety of careers and open various new career paths. MPAs work in nonprofits, government agencies, NGOs, INGOS, social sector, private businesses, financial institutions, and other different industries.
    -Classes will usually cover management topics (e.g. strategy, finance, human resources) with a focus on government and not for profit organizations, and also public policy issues (e.g. economics, policy analysis, social sector analysis, and issue-specific courses).
    -Most programs have opportunities to specialize. Various schools offer specializations/concentrations in international affairs, health care, environment, education, human rights, finance, urban policy, management, specific geographic regions, and more. (I don’t know exactly how much advanced this course has become in Nepal)
    -An MPA is usually a two-year degree and some others offer one-year programs (abroad), and many schools offer shortened Executive/Mid-Career MPA programs.

    I should also note that a Master of Public Administration program (MPA) can be almost indistinguishable from some similar programs in management faculty: Master of Public Affairs, Master of Public Policy, Master of Business Administration, etc. It all depends on the university and how the program is customized.