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  • Buddhi Pandey

    October 28, 2015 at 2:39 am

    A CA and MBA combination is really great. I am also thinking of doing either CFA or ACCA after completing my MBA from Kathmandu University. Pursuing a full-time MBA programme from a reputed institute/university widens your placement and career prospects. But you should choose the institute wisely since MBA is a highly professional and engaging course so where you studied for MBA matters a lot. You can confidently move across verticals. You will have an distinct edge over others after completing MBA.

    An MBA qualification from reputed institute will definitely help you in making a fast track career growth and as well as personality development. Besides being a good learning experience, the course enriches your personality and communication skills.

    In MBA Finance you can choose subjects that interest you and which are not covered in CFA or ACCA/CA. I have done a small research on syllabus of CFA and found that there are subjects that are different than MBA finance. So you can choose those non repeating subjects and broaden your knowledge and skills in many different dimensions. To extend your domain range, you can choose verticals such as banking and insurance or even marketing.

    Pursuing an MBA program is surely worth the effort I guess. Goodluck for your future.