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  • Suraksha Tiwari

    July 4, 2017 at 5:38 pm

    In Nepal most people focus on pure science, medical and engineering studies but in fact there are wider opportunities in other areas like social science which are often neglected by majority of students. Social science comprises discipline associated with the study of social life of human and their relationships. It covers vast areas like anthropology, archaeology, communication, psychology, cultural studies, demography, linguistics, history, economics, political science, social work and sociology. These areas covers global issues like international relations and laws, human rights, human behavior, criminology, criminal justice, sociology, etc. and helps the students to grasp and analyze complex situations critically and provide solutions.

    Social science studies make student more aware about the problems in the societies, human psychology, crimes and other critical issues. All these skills and abilities are highly demanded and transferable in the modern workplace. Thus, social science students can find job in international organizations, governmental organizations, welfare organizations, media, journalism, education, counselling, research institutes, hospitals and INGO/NGOs. If you are interested in these aspects of social science you should not be hesitant to pursue you dream. In fact every field has scope if you can excel in it. And trace the opportunities present within it.

    It all depends on your interest. The demand for social scientists have also increased in international markets too in the recent years. Study of social science can lead you to the high end jobs in the above mentioned sectors so there is no need to fear about job prospects and scope. In Nepal, study in social sciences are provided by colleges affiliated to Tribhuvan and kathmandu University, St. Xavier Collage affiliated to TU is one of the prime institution for study of social science. National College Center for Development Studies affiliated to KU is another institution that provide courses on social science.There are many government colleges that provide courses on psychology, rural development and journalism. You can choose from them according to your field of interest.