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SnHome Forums Science Please provide me more detailed information about Engineering options Reply To: Please provide me more detailed information about Engineering options

  • Suraksha Tiwari

    July 1, 2017 at 4:36 pm

    Engineering is one of the most secured career option. As for our country, as most of the development activities are to be carried out, there is lots of opportunity for engineers. In Nepal the popular form of engineering are civil, electrical, computer, electronics, mechanical and architecture. Actually it depends on your interest which field you want to pursue as every branch have opportunities. But comparatively, among them all, computer engineering and civil engineering are now the most sought out profession in Nepal. Nepal has to see a lot of infrastructural development in the coming decade, roads, bridges, buildings, and highways are to be built. This means civil engineers will be in high demand. Civil engineers can find job on construction projects, public service, transportation, building and water resource design. Likewise, the rapid growth of information technology and use of computer science in each and every field shows that computer engineering is one profession with lots of scope. Nepal needs a large number of dedicated engineers for the development of the country. In general there is opportunity in every field, so you can choose any field of engineering of your interest. As for USA, there are wider job prospects for computer, electrical, nuclear chemical and even mining engineering. Among them all, the average annual salary of computer engineering is more than others. If you want to make career abroad, it is better to study there itself. There are lesser chances for the graduates from Nepal to get engineering jobs in USA.
    Computer engineering has the major focus on the software, general design, creation and maintenance of system as well as application software whereas IT professionals perform task relating to processing, storing and communication of information through computers. IT and computer engineering are two different field. As both of these fields are technical you need to have good knowledge and expertise of the technical aspects, to excel in them. However, most students prefer computer engineering to IT in terms of wider job options and salary.