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  • Rajan Gautam

    September 10, 2015 at 5:31 am

    Hi One direction, As a student of BSW, let me provide you some information about BSW course in general and the scope of BSW in Nepal.
    Overview of Curriculum and Requirements

    The purpose of undergraduate social work education at the School of Social Work is to provide a comprehensive educational experience for students that is grounded in a liberal arts tradition and prepares graduates for excellence in the areas of social work practice, policy, social engagement and leadership.

    Upon degree completion, graduates will be prepared for entry into generalist social work practice, advanced standing in graduate social work education, and a multitude of career opportunities. These can include careers in communications, corrections, education, government, health care, human resources, law, non-profit organizations, religious studies, and public service. Obtaining an undergraduate degree in Social Work gives students the opportunity to pursue a License of Social Work (LSW). A BSW degree also makes students eligible to pursue Advanced Standing status in many masters of Social Work (MSW) programs. The advanced standing status enables BSW graduates to receive a MSW in only one year.

    The focus of undergraduate curriculum delivery is through a student-centered strengths-based educational model that fosters student understanding by providing a challenging, yet supportive environment of high expectations that encourage the development of well-informed and engaged citizens.

    Scope of BSW course:
    Through field experience and coursework in psychology, sociology, social work practice and research methods, BSW graduates gain the skills needed to work as child, family and school social workers; mental health and substance abuse social workers; and healthcare social workers.
    Job and Career options for BSW

    Employment opportunities are available for social workers within firms of the private as well as public sectors. Some job areas that social workers can choose comprise of counselors in:

    Community Policing
    Environmental Protection
    Employment Areas
    Correction Cells
    Counseling Centers
    Disaster Management Department
    Education Sector
    Gender Issues Associations or Groups
    Health Industry
    HR Department of Industries
    Human Rights Agencies
    Mental Hospitals
    Natural Resources Management Companies
    Old Age Homes
    Job Types

    Criminology Specialists
    Executive Officer
    Labor Welfare Specialists
    Probation Officer
    Social Security Officer
    Social Worker
    Trainee Officer
    Remuneration after BSW

    It can be said that the salaries of people who are involved in social service are traditionally low. This is because of the aim to make it beneficial for the society and not to get profit. Conversely the remuneration has been on the rise due to the corporate – social incorporation initiatives between firms that benefit both the corporate and communities together. The minimum salary of a social worker will be as much as Rs. 8.000/- to Rs. 80000/-. This will vary on the base of the firm that takes in individuals in addition to the sector they are involved.

    Please do ask if you need any other information regarding the course. Also you can send me private message.