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  • Aman Poddar

    April 19, 2017 at 4:28 am

    The key to success: determination, passion, happiness, education, positive energry, faliure, motivation, confidence, self-improvement, dedication, preparation… There’s endless possibilities and explaining in depth would be impossible xD but just to keep yah motivated i’ll use Marshall Mathers aka Eminem as an inspirational example—since he’s very succesfull.

    So Marshall/Eminem/Slim shady ayyye xD, you probably recognised him already, despite being an American rapper he is internationally famous and success wasn’t gifted to him he struggled his way to the top; he was beaten by several black youths, always fought with his mum, struggled mentally and physically, attempted suicide, was rejected my music producers because of his race and a lot more… but none of this stopped him achieving his goal, because he kept on fighting ❤