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SnHome Forums Management faculty Can IT students join MBA without BBA? Reply To: Can IT students join MBA without BBA?

  • Prakash Poudel

    December 31, 2016 at 3:09 am

    Yes. IT students can join MBA in Nepal if they have a formal IT degree. As you have not stated which course in IT you are talking about it is difficult to tell whether you will be eligible for MBA degree after completing the IT course. For all the IT degrees like BIT, Bsc CSIT, BCIS , BE Computer etc, students can join MBA of almost all universities of Nepal TU, PU , KU and on colleges that run MBA of foreign affiliation(I mean doors are open ). BBA is not mandatory to get admission of MBA. Can I know which course of IT you are doing rite now?
    Also, I recommend to check the MBA tabs on the MBA section of studentsnepal. Here is the link-