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  • Roman Giri

    December 26, 2016 at 2:35 am

    Nepal is home of creative people there is a huge opportunity as well as potential in graphic design and arts field be it animation, vfx or web designing. The main advantage of this field is it takes you beyond the geographical and political boundaries. You can do an American job sitting at your own room or a small office with a high end computer and few tech stuffs.
    in case you are in reality good at it, equipped to analyze and evolve constantly with the evolving design developments, it’s far great. You could get attractive salary or can emerge as a freelance consultant, which ever fits you. If you are simply working software and just about common, you could land a activity however might be in an average earning category.
    Graphics designing and web development continues to be in call for and can be for long time. because the freelancing is now on all-time high. So Europeans and Americans are outsourcing maximum of their work because of high priced wage of their country. So for now and near future, those industries will flourish but it additionally comes with super competition for apparent reasons.
    So, 3D animation and graphic designing will be a great choice if you are a art loving person and have a creative mind.