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  • Suraj Thapa

    November 19, 2016 at 5:14 am

    According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, travel and tourism accounts for 8% of the world’s jobs and has the highest potential for growth of any industry. The future of travel and tourism industry is really great and expanding day by day. So the scope of hospitality management is also expanding with the increase in the industry. Be it internal tourism or external tourism, countries are witnessing a charming growth. International travel alone accounts for more than 900 million tourists annually. The economic, social and environmental impact of tourism is significant and vital to creating sustainable jobs and quality of life. Due to its natural gift and diversity Nepal is one of the most admired tourist destinations in the world. And there are lots to explore here in Nepal. The growth in Tourism sector is a one of the major priorities for the development. Government is launching various programs to attract more tourists and local states/bodies are also promoting themselves for internal as well as external tourism. Increase in tourism means increase in the business of hotels, restaurants and related sectors. SO the future of hotel management can be seen bright here in Nepal.
    Hospitality and tourism represents a broad range of career opportunities in industries that include:
    – hotels, motels and resorts
    – restaurants and commercial food service, coffee chops and cafe
    – meeting and event planning
    – tourism destinations and attractions
    – leisure, recreation and sports management
    – airlines, cruises and other transportation
    – environmentally sustainable and cultural tourism development
    – spa and wellness management
    – fun parks and wonderlands
    – adventure parks, adventure sports venues, adventure tourism
    – religious places and cultural tourism
    The hospitality and tourism industry offers abundant opportunity for students seeking careers in a dynamic, international industry. If you possess strong communication skills and a desire to provide excellent service to others this fast-paced industry may be for you. The future of this industry is really charming so if you have a passion to work in the hospitality service, you should think no longer and join a good college. Also, travel and tourism management course opens a quick route for working abroad if you have a attractive personality and a beautiful soul of course. Knowledge and fluency of English speaking and writing is another most important skill required for becoming successful in this field.