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  • Ramesh Neupane

    February 28, 2016 at 9:10 am

    CA or ACCA + MBA is an awesome combination if you can achieve both. Either you do MBA after ACCA or ACCA after MBA both will be a great addition to your professional life. However, doing MBA after ACCA will be more fruitful because MBA is related to administration and judgement plus application of knowledge to make decision so doing ACCA beforehand will make your base solid and give you a lot of technical knowledge to help you in the MBA and prepare you to grab the managerial skills. So since you are doing ACCA so I would strongly recommend you to join any MBA college (TU or KU if you could) ACCA plus MBA will also be so attractive in the CV and will make you standout from the cloud of ACCAs and MBAs if you grab both. But there is a noticeable amount of effort required to complete either of the degrees/programs. Also there is another global course which is becoming more and more popular these days; Chartered financial Analyst (CFA). you can also think of combining your ACCA degree with CFA. However, though doable, CFA is so tough to complete.